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Ages Country Band  

A brand new country band but with experienced musicians  

For years, Marinus and Willem van Keulen (father and son) played together in the country band Silverstreak (where Ilse de Lange began her career)

For a while they both went their own way but eventually decided to get back together. ... and started the Ages Country Band .  

Mainly because of (the name says it already) the various ages of the musicians, the repertoire is also very wide. From classic country (e.g. Don Williams, John Denver, George Straight, etc.) to modern country (Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Toby Keith, etc.) In particular, the dancers are not forgotten.  

Willem van Keulen (Lead Vocals, Ac Guitar, Piano) started more than 25 years ago in the country band Silverstreak, where Ilse de Lange also gained her first experience in the Country. Together they played big festivals in Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark. Up to 3 years ago, Willem was lead singer / bass player in the Johnny Bernhard Band. In addition, Willem was co-founder and taught at Twentucky Country Dancers, one of the first Country Dance groups in The Netherlands.  

Marinus van Keulen (Pedal Steel / Backing Vocals) also played in Silverstreak, after doing several projects separately Willem and Marinus decided to start a band together again 2 years ago.  

Humphrey D Jacquet (Lead guitar / Vocals) a very versatile guitarist singer, with experience in various styles of music, but his love for Country eventually brought him to Ages.  

Rudi Woudstra (Bass / Backing Vocals) an experienced Country Bassist, played for many years in, among others, Alabama Rain. With the acquisition of an experienced bassist like Rudi, Willem could focus more on acoustic guitar and piano, making the sound more full and repertoire much more diverse.  

Charles Dutreux (Drums) The youngest of the fifth but certainly not the lesser. Charles is from a family of Country Musicians playing at e.g. MRP and Johnny Bernhard Band, and that is to be heard. A Real Country Drummer  

Next to making good country music the most important thing for Ages is having fun and making sure so will the audience ,